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Customer's LOVE the Quality of Workmanship and Attention-to-Detail of our Expert Bench Jeweler Repair Work. Ring sizings, Prong work on Stone Settings, Bezel & Channel Rebuilds, Shank repair, Solder Chains, etc.. We have been performing Jewelry Repairs for 42 Years, basically as long as we've been in Business.  Family Owned & Operated.  We receive high compliments Everyday.  We are recommended highly by our customers.  Thank you for Confiding in us!

Watch Batteries, New straps (leather or metal), New Crystals, Crowns & Stems.  Expert Watchmaker workmanship. Bring in your family heirloom watch that you would love to have in working order to wear and enjoy! 

Engraving for any Special Occasion.

Wedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Wedding Attendant Gifts, Graduation, or any item that needs personalization! Plenty of Great Gifts & Jewelry in store to choose for Engraving.

39 Years Experience at Cloverleaf! 

YES! We've been piercing for years (since Feb 17th, 1984 to be exact!)

We have so many choices for you to find the perfect earrings! We supply the pre-packaged sterilized earrings & the ear care solution & Earring Club Card & the Fun Ear Piercing process.  You choose the Earrings from our large selection of specialized Ear Piercing Studs. (First and second lower lobe locations, sorry No cartilage)

Call us to make an Appointment 802-295-2370.

Visit our Gifts page to learn more!

We are famous for special orders!  (Well almost famous). We have SO MANY Great Gift & Jewelry ideas in the store, and yet we still do hundreds of special orders! If you want something specific, check with us to find it for you from our hundreds of resources and designers! 

Let us know how we can help with any of your repair needs! We have done stringings on pearl necklaces and bracelets for Weddings and Graduation gifts for years. We can make the custom length you request.  Bring in your Grandmother's pearls and we can re-create them into the same strand or string them into another necklace or a bracelet.   

We can make the Jewelry piece you've been dreaming of! Let's work together to design and create a Ring, Necklace, Bracelet or Earrings you will love and enjoy!   We create NEW Designs and we also Re-design family jewelry pieces into fresh new designs with you in mind. A family Diamond into a new Engagement Ring, or several rings from several family members made into one necklace.  If there is a piece of jewelry or stones just sitting in the jewelry box...let's give these a new life and make something for you or as a gift for someone special. 

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